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Do you know english poems

Do you know english poems? And now you‘ll compete in reciting English poems about «Sports». I like football, I can run. I like skipping, it is fun! I like skiing and to skate. When it‘s winter-every day! I like swimming in the sea. I‘m a sportsman, you can see. * * * I like to read, I like to play, I like to study every day. I like to jump, I like to run, I like to play, it‘s fun. Sports are good all: Swimming, skating, basketball, Football, tennis, volleyball… They are useful, and for all. We can run and jump, and ski, It is fun for you and me! * * * Boys and girls so gay, Skate and ski together On a winter day.

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«English» - English in the world. I can’t agree with you. Reading. powerful. main. for learning English. Language is the most important mean of human intercourse. ? I study English because… interesting. Reasons. popular. official. * Сan michael speak english well? international. English. No, you are wrong. Do you like English? I don’t think so. difficult. Yes, you are right! I think so too! Why study English?

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