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The lesson is over.

25 Family and friends. 5538 .



Family and friends - . New words. Dieting. Films. Some misunderstandings between parents and children. . School problems. . Look at the photos. Computer games. Smoking. Friends. Look at the photos and find more appropriate word. Drinks. Fashion music. . Do your parents understand you. Family and friends. Write the correction alongside.

Music and musicians - Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky. John Lennon. Johann Sebastian Bach. Ludwig van Beethoven. Music is magic. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Autemn weather. Good singers. Song Yesterday. . Question to the text. Classical music. Wilhelm Richard Wagner. . Great Britain. Paul McCartney. The Beatles. Different countries. People. Music and musicians.

Hippy - Epigraph. The idea of equality and freedom lies in hippies ideology. Ideology.Values. They prefer living in forests as our ancestors did. The origin. Also it consists in rejection from modern cities, technological progress. Mottos, slogans. And if you make evil as an answer to violence you increase it twice.

Pioneers - Pioneers. The biggest pioneer camps are: Artek - the all-union camp Orlenok, Young guard, Zubrenok. Pioneers Truth (Pionerskaya Pravda) - the soviet children newspaper since 1925. Pioneers Zorka - all-union daily radio newspaper for pioneers and schoolchildren since 1925. Pioneer camp sanitary educational establishment for pioneers and schoolchildren at the age of 7-15 in USSR, organized during summer or winter holidays by Komsomol or other organizations.

Jimmy Carter - Sources used. Soldier, Peanut Farmer, Professor, Politician, Statesman 39th president. Education. Jimmy Carter. 1977 - Panama Canal Treaty. Major Events during his presidency. Conclusion. Family. Career. To find outwhat contributionJimmy Carter made ??to the developmentof America. Aim. Born on October 1, 1924 Plains, Georgia. His Parents. Contens. Biography. Presidential facts.

- English-Russian crossroads. Find the mistakes. . . Exercise. . Simple tenses. Some juice. Open the brakes. . . International words. I have broken my pen. . Topic english tenses. . . Some flowers. Pronouns. Passive voice.

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